Get fun feedback after your activities

Activico learns about you and sends you notifications with personalized, fun feedback after every ride or run.

How it works

Connect With Strava

Download the app, then use the app to connect Activico to your Strava account.

Complete An Activity

Record an activity with Strava. Activico works with outdoor rides, runs, and Zwift rides.

Receive Feedback

Activico will send you an iOS notification about your activity.



$ 0
  • No pro plan
  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads
  • Now go outside

We can't promise it will stay this way forever.
But we have no plans to charge or serve ads.


No new accounts. No new platforms. Activico works with platforms you already use.

Targeted feedback

Get a segment PR? Rip off your longest run in three months? We'll let you know in a notification.

Connect with Strava

Activico works with your Strava account so we'll get notified when you finish an activity.

Privacy By Design

No sharing features at all. No feeds, comments, or visibility persmissions.

Get Activico

Available now for iOS on the AppStore.